FlowerChild am 26.11.2016 16:51 #14477

Hallo Freunden.

I've been working on an update for the games graphics. An ultra high resolution version of the "Construction aid mode".
Before I take my work any further I just wanted to see if there was any interest in my work.

The images are in SVG so their resolution and scaling will always be "perfect". I know there is an imperfection on the hut.

Polite critique welcome :-)

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FlowerChild am 26.11.2016 17:05 #14478

An example of how close to the original it is :-)

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Spike am 28.11.2016 08:19 #14479

Im Ruhestand
For icons I think it's quite good but then everything should be a svg (No I don't know if it is even possible to use svg's in the
current implementation).

But I think it will look less good when it comes to really small (1-2 pixel) details. You may have an example of the flower
world object with those small, 1 pixel blossoms?
Or even a carrier, their eyes are often represented by 2 pixel for each.
Also carriers aren't one graphic but consist of multiple graphics, don't know how to solve that with svg's but you may know
the answer :)


Feel free to post in English!

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