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Hi peoples, first i speak just a medium english:

I like to play a lot in big(256x256 or bigger) maps and i was thinking some ways to save time managing, and not clicking too much,
but like once i read some suggestions, a way to do it without doing it automatic:

Share Equally goods:
Like the name say, share equally goods between, the storehouse, the harbour and the headquartes. I thing this is a way to have more
soldiers in less time, sometime i click the "store here" button in game to put beer sword and shield in the same place, but when the
game becomes big and long i have in a storehouse much beer without sword and shield and in other i have just sword and shield, and
carry this goods becomes a big problem... I thing a other button to share the goods like these will be nice.

Sewing Paths
In bigger maps when i conquered new mines or a big area, i put some farmer or "industry", to do new soldiers or coins or any thing,
but to put the places all flags and the ways between the flags takes too much time( time that i need in battle places in game), so i
think in a shortcut on the keyboard of the computer (or a button in which we see that the "advantage is on") in which when you keep
pressing it do it quickly and manually but without so many clicks that delay. My finger thanks and the management of the empire I
think it would do better(if anyone do not understand this i will put a image to explain better!)

Destroy buildings
Like the sewing paths, this is just a button to destroy building faster and in less clicks with the mouse, a great perk when the maps
have big "montains of rock"(to quarry it).

Some others:
A way to found the ships with expedion(new places to put new harbour) where the ship(name, number, where it is, what is loading and
where are taking(to what harbour)), it becomes faster to build overseas empires.

A way to do the ship to load much more goods( like 50 soldiers and not just 1 soldiers), this happen to me when i send a oversea
attack and the ship is near to the harbour, so the attack some time take 2 trips instead one, and i think it will be good to load
biiger quantities of ore, gold, coal or other goods!

So there are my suggestions maybe none will be accepted but at least they are there, and any doubt in view of my lack of
understanding of English, feel free to ask!

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Im Ruhestand

thanks for sharing your ideas. Just my opinion:

Share goods equally:
That might help in some cases, but I think there are just A LOT of cases when this wents terribly wrong (I got a harbor building on a
small island which only gives gold but the harbor building still stores coins, beer, swords, donkeys for... no reason).
IMHO that management part is the price you pay for a bigger empire (thus making it just a bit easyier for weaker opponents).

"Sewing paths" or just Shortcuts
There is already a wish, which includes shortcuts. Sadly it's still in english but don't hesitate to post your ideas for shortcuts.
e.g. "Mouse over flag and pressing f places a flag"
     "mouse over building and pressing b opens the "do you really want to burn the building" dialog"

Some others1:
There is the shipregister which shows you any ship with any payload.

Some others2:
There was a discussion about this I think, main problem is: how long should a ship wait for goods? How long should it wait for
soldiers? One time you may want to attack as fast as possible, next time you may attack as hard as possible. It sadly always depends on


Feel free to post in English!

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