mismiso am 29.01.2017 11:23 #14523

Hey am i the only one, who is stuck in "waiting for server" ? :D


Spike am 29.01.2017 16:56 #14524

Im Ruhestand
just tested it, it's working for me - maybe your firewall is blocking?


Boffo am 05.05.2018 13:47 #14938

Somehow a friend of mine and me, we can not connect to the lobby to play multiplayer... The game tells us "USer/Password combination unknown". Even with a
new account it does not work. But it is possible to connect to the forum... Server down? Greetings!   But so sad, because we were ready to settle!!!!!!

Shawn8901 am 05.05.2018 17:13 #14940

for me i can confirm this, i am not able to login to the lobby.

edit: should work again.

Editiert von Shawn8901 am 05.05.2018 22:17

FloSoft am 05.05.2018 22:24 #14942

found an error in the lobby servers mysql reconnection code. should be fixed now.


~Boffo am 06.05.2018 09:16 #14943

Thanks! It is working again!

Feel free to post in English!

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