Arivald am 11.05.2017 21:03 #14555

Hello there,

I decided to create separate topic to share with all of you guys the progress on Celts.
I am going to share here new graphics as well so you all can see them and comment.
Please encourage me to proceed with this project if you like it!

PS.: Details soon. First post is going to be edited.

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Arivald am 11.05.2017 21:04 #14556

~Qsto am 12.05.2017 13:07 #14558

Can't believe someone still working on this game! Nice! Go on!

Vesanus am 14.05.2017 02:59 #14563

Amazing work man!

~Gast am 15.05.2017 02:20 #14565

They all look great!
I think the private and the private 1st class are a little hard to distinguish.
What do you think about giving the Private 1st Class a helmet or a miniauture blue hair tail similar to
the Seargent?
Keep up man! We are all grateful for your efforts!

Arivald am 17.05.2017 19:05 #14571

Thanks a lot to all of you! :)

1. Please take a look on this "fury cape" below. Spike and I consulted the visuals and I
tried to adjust the look of it to be "less pixelized". Basically I needed to use more colours but there are no
other shades of this nice
brown fur colour I originally used (taken from the wolf sprite if I remember correctly). So it could look like
the one on the right. Which one is better? What do you think? Colours are the closest ones that match shades of
this brown colour I used but still in my opinion this does not look good...

<image missing>

Red version of the cape - I am afraid it will merge too much with the Sergeant armor and helmet (and boots as
they use the same colour set). That wouldn't be a problem though if I remove the cape from the Sergeant. What do
you think? Maybe Sergeant should use a shield still as I feel it looks "bad/poor/notcoolenough"? That wouldn't be
consistent with the rest of the game though, as no other nation's sergeant is equipped with the shield.

<image missing>

2. I also was thinking about the Private 1st Class soldier. I can eventually redesign it. I
could add a helmet with
small not animated pony tail. I tried before only helmet but solo helmet looks bad IMO. Or maybe not that bad?
Take a look:

<image missing>

And share your comments please.

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Jonas am 18.05.2017 18:30 #14573

amazing work. I would keep the new brown cape, looks better in my opinion than a red cape. Concerning 2., how about taking some inspiration from celtic britons and adding spiked hair to the private:

Could also be reversed, no need for a helmet anymore :)

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Arivald am 18.05.2017 23:28 #14574

Wow! This looks so cool! :D I like but I am afraid we will need to pixelize it even more. Than that most probably
won't look too good :/ I will try though.

In the meantime I am working on fight animations.
They are very simple and has to be enchanced and corrected but this looks fine for me now. What do you think?

<image missing>

<image missing>

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Adri am 23.05.2017 13:59 #14575

Hey Arivald,

great work!!!

I like the sargeant as he is. Also I would keep the new brown cape.
An idea for the private 1st class might be to add a silver spot in the middle of the shield. Similar to the golden spot on Nubian 1st class shield.
I like the fighting animation!
Another idea for private (maybe too late): Give him a club instead of a sword and use the overhead swing animation of Nubian general ;o) ... that also would distinguish him more from private 1st class.

Again: Excellent work and I am glad you keep your work going.


soong101 am 26.05.2017 11:47 #14576

The celts, what a cool idea!I like it a lot, and the soldiers have a really distinguished and realistic look.
Good job, I'm curious how you will design the buildings, especially whether you'll find a look distinct from the Vikings.

Arivald am 06.06.2017 21:11 #14577

Hey thank you all for your kind words, I am glad you like the concept and really happy that results are so well accepted! :)

Don't you worry about the buildings. I have many ideas how to make them look unique and atmospheric specifically for the celts. But
for now - unfortunately - the biggest challenge is to finish all soldiers animations - this is the base since there is so much to do!

Work still in progress though, I will keep you updated.

Arivald am 08.06.2017 20:52 #14578

I just wanted to let you know I am going for vacations for 3 weeks so I will
not be proceeding with Celts for a month at least. But don't you worry!
There's much more to come! ;)

<image missing>

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Arivald am 08.06.2017 20:52 #14579

Doublepost - please delete this one...

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RM1985 am 21.08.2017 17:43 #14624

WOW...this looks amazing, but I have a few questions:

1. How far would you say is your progress with the animations? They look pretty close to be finished to me.

2. What about the buildings? You said you have lots of ideas and drawings, but is there something, that you can show us already, is there some progress? I would LOVE to see it!

S2-Freak auf dem Weg zum Titelträger

Arivald am 19.09.2017 23:29 #14670

Hello there :)
I am really glad you like my work!

1. I am done with 1st and 2nd level soldiers. Now I am struggling with 3rd level a little since there is this cape and ponytail but
it is almost done. I had to take a break to refresh my mind. Once 3rd level is done - 4th and 5th should be just a matter of one or
two weeks.

2. Sorry I don't have any concepts done by myself yet. All I have for buildings now are just my ideas stuck in the head, though I
have a lot of references and inspirational art/design downloaded already. Let's say I have done basic research ;)

Once I am done with all the soldiers I will let you know and share the result ;)
And as I said, soldiers are the hardest to finish since there are hudreds of pictures for animations to be created so it is really
time consuming and if you make any mistake it takes a lot of time to correct so you have to think all through before you even start.

With buildings it will be easier ;)

Flamefire am 20.09.2017 05:49 #14672

Great work! Once I have some more time next month I'll try to make it easier for you to add those graphics to the game (and the new nation in general) but that will be a lot of work

Note: You don't need to stick to the given palettes. You could a) create your own palette for all soldiers, b) use a paletted bmp or c) just use plain bmps for the soldiers. All of this is possible to be used ingame. Using the games palette is just slightly easier to make a lst-file out of it and may blend better into the existing graphics. But if you feel you can catch the look&feel also with a couple new colors or want to differ from the existing ones: Feel free!


luk3Z am 21.09.2017 18:12 #14677

I noticed (when playing against AI Babylonian) that they are really better than other races (random map).
AI Babylonian playing better than other AIs... Is there any difference between races in RTTR or maybe other races have
just bad luck ?

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Flamefire am 22.09.2017 03:43 #14679

The races are just skins atm. So no they
cannot be better at all ;)


Arivald am 11.10.2017 22:42 #14687

Hope you like it?

<image missing>

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DeSergo am 20.10.2017 12:33 #14688

looks great :O

can't stop watching them ^^

Diplomatie ist die Kunst, mit hundert Worten zu verschweigen, was man mit einem einzigen Wort sagen könnte.

Arivald am 25.11.2017 21:55 #14745

Hey, started some serious work on buildings.

Forester on the way

<image missing>

PS: If you like it please leave a pleasant comment (!) so I could get
even more motivation to finish this project :D

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KaioKen am 26.11.2017 13:37 #14746

Yep, looks great. I like the direction your going with the design

Jonas am 26.11.2017 18:53 #14749

Looks great so far, a mockup shot with terrain would be nice :)

Arivald am 27.11.2017 18:57 #14751

<image missing>

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Jonas am 27.11.2017 22:36 #14753

Not bad, not bad at all :) The roof is a bit too bright imo, but the hut probably has better readability this way.

Thobov am 28.11.2017 16:04 #14754

This looks amazing. please go further with your amazing work.

Arivald am 29.11.2017 01:53 #14755

I am really happy you like them! :) This gives me so much energy and
vain! :D

Here we gooo! You can guess what these are very easily :P

<image missing>

<image missing>

I have to say though they're not finished yet. All need to be polished
and adjusted a little bit more but for now I just wanted to see how my
ideas look in the game and - more important - if anyone like them ;)

Please check also second post of this thread as I am going to put there
all the current graphics/animations so you can compare one to another.

Best regards!

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Arivald am 29.11.2017 01:53 #14756

please delete ;)

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Jonas am 29.11.2017 23:45 #14758

Really nice orc pig farm.. eh wood cutter and hunter, keep them coming! :) Do you use any references for your Celts or more your own imagination?

Arivald am 30.11.2017 15:33 #14762

I am using google to search for graphic and whatever I find interesting on pinterest to support some ideas I had in the first place
for celts. This applies for all graphics, soldiers as well. Ideas of warpaint, ponytail or winged helmet were inspired by art that
you can find online. This is only for concept ideas, inspiration etc. On later stages it all comes down to an efficient usage of some
assets that exist already and creating some new on your own.

Arivald am 05.12.2017 22:59 #14770

I updated second post in this thread with most current Soldiers Walk and Fight animations.
There is only one left - General fight animation.

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soong101 am 26.12.2017 11:26 #14810

Great work, please keep it up!
I like the first buildings you made, and indeed they have a distinct look to them. Looking forward to see more :)

Arivald am 24.03.2019 19:56 #15184

Hey guys, do you have any other good image hosting service that you would recommend? The one I used apparently died... :)

Flamefire am 02.04.2019 18:54 #15190

Not really unfortunately. Just use any and hope it stays ;)


Arivald am 09.04.2019 22:44 #15201

Yup. I edited all posts with pictures so that topic wouldn't look like a mess :D I updated the first post as well, I hope you're gonna
like it.

~Gast am 11.04.2019 07:18 #15202

Imgur nowadays is the best image uploading website.. I uploaded pictures there of my account back in 2008 and those are still hosted there..

Usage of that website + account are totally free.

RM1985 am 04.08.2019 09:29 #15268

Yes please give us some update on your celts, please. So far only the pics from your very first post is visible to me, could you please post some new pics of your Building Progress and soldiers??

S2-Freak auf dem Weg zum Titelträger

~Gast am 04.08.2019 21:49 #15271

Really great work. Hope it will be finished soon. :D

Arivald am 26.08.2019 11:57 #15280

I am still working on buildings, it just takes much longer time than I expected. In the meantime I have changed the place I live, I
bought a house, became a father... but no worries, I have never abbandoned this project :)

Unfortunately there is no estimated time of when is it going to be finished since the time I spend on it varies and effect I am
satisfied with is hard to achieve. If it was a full time job it would be ready by now :D

But once I have the majority of buildings (not yet) what I think we can do is to put those in the game and eventually, as time goes by,
I will be creating and updating Celts until finished. Let me know what you think.

Soldiers are finished - check the first post for links please.

You may take a look at the pig farm below, but bare in mind it is not yet finished, but will look roughly as in here:

Thobov am 31.08.2019 11:15 #15284

Wow, this looks very nice and you got me hyped for this. For years I love playing Settlers RTTR and cannot wait to play as the celts! I
appreciate your work very much :)

Feel free to post in English!

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