~Gast am 16.05.2017 19:07 #14568


I am on arch linux though. when you click setting in rttr menu it makes a crackling click and in game play game sound is very distorted.

The sound options seem ok. Not sure how to fix it.

Does rttr use mono 5.0?

Thank you

rttrrules am 16.05.2017 21:01 #14570


I am also having the same issue. bad sound when playing the game. i am using antergos linux. Installed the game via pacman. Have tried to update the game using but terminal doesnt run the file.

rttrrules am 17.05.2017 21:31 #14572

Fixed issue by downloading nightly and copying files over original ones installed by pacman from arch repo.

any chance of updating the version in the repo seems this one is more stable.


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