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I had a few games lately and during those games several ideas came to my mind. Let me hear what you think about.

1) I had a game with a AI teammember. At some point relatively early in the game, I couldn't see any woodcutters or foresters in his area. How could this happen?

2) Meanwhile there was no normal stone left in his empire, I could see at least three blocked granite mines. Why are they blocked?

3) I recognize that the AI is allways attacking with full strength. Could there be an addon that allow me to reduce the attack value to something like 60%? This would weaken the AIs attacks, but I couldn't overun the AI after having survived this initial attack wave.

4) Is it possible to get an addon, that allows me to manipulate the AI military behaviour? I'd like to have (for example) 25% far away from borders, 50% in the middle, and 100% near borders and harbours. Or perhaps I'd like a slow game and have 100% in every area?  Is it at perhaps possible to change this values during the game? Having the standard settings will allow a rapid expansion, but after having creating a somehow big empire, the settings might turn to a more defensive way.

5) How many smithes is the AI supposed to have? Everytime I look at my AI teampartner, there is plenty of unused space, many smithes and a couple of smelters, but they mainly have nothing to do. I could see, that there aren't enough mines though, but the mountain has lots of building places left. So whats preventing the AI of spamming buildings and military power?

I'd like to hear your opinions. ;-)

See you

Flamefire am 14.09.2017 05:39 #14651

This mostly looks like AI improvement suggestions. I'm currently cleaning it up a bit to make it easier to work with.
However the main problem is that the AI code grew in time and had bugs introduced. We would need a coder with enough time and a decent understanding of the code and AI in general to improve it. If you know anyone please call him in!

PS: For the "why" questions I'd refer to jh who was the main coder behind the current AI.


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