L0wn am 04.11.2017 17:30 #14714

Hi guys!

the weather sucked today so I thought, let's play a game I haven't played in years! This was actually the first time I played with
the Babylonians. Really nice!

The map I picked was Landung4. Nice to see that the AI was smart enough to build a Harbour and a Shipyard, unfortunately they either
chose their landing wrong (the island with all the stone) or they built foresters without any woodcutters so they got stuck.

However, I got along nicely and after some time I was actually able to attack one of their harbour buildings. Of course they were no
match for my generals (they didn't even have one private :)), but after that I wanted to attack their HQ, but I couldn't find a way.

So, here's my actual question: how do sea attacks work? After one or two hours I found out that I had been stupid enough to choose
the "No sea attacks" setting. Now at this moment I don't have the time anymore figure it out for myself :) If you spot an enemy
harbour, can you attack it? What about the HQ? And where do the soldiers come from? Setting up something like a military expedition
could be a nice feature I guess? :)

Anyhow, I really like the gameplay, no bugs found! Awesome all around.

L0wn am 04.11.2017 17:48 #14715

Never mind, I figured it out. Just started over, highest speed. Expedition, Fortress, Sea attack on Harbour Building on island, then
Sea attack on their HQ.

Fuck, now I've actually thrown away a few hours because I can't finish the map. All these generals, and for nothing ;)

Is their a way to save settings to a default set? Now I have to change the settings every time I start a new game, right?

Flamefire am 04.11.2017 17:50 #14716

Just change them in the options dialog (main window before you click "Single player")


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