~Slavic Guest am 18.12.2017 22:37 #14798

Hey guys, I own Settlers II: Gold Edition on GOG and have recently discovered RttR and would like to use it so I have a question.

Is it at all possible to transfer the saves from the regular Settlers to RttR so I can continue playing the campaign?

KaioKen am 19.12.2017 00:32 #14799

Well, i dont exactly know the answer but im pretty sure its not possible. You could also play the camapign in RttR click here, althought the alliances sadly dont work as in S2 it still makes alot of things easier e.g.transporting goods on ships but at the same time gets a bit harder since the AI is better.

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Spike am 19.12.2017 11:49 #14800

Im Ruhestand
Yep, sadly you can not transfer savegames. You can still play the missions as mentioned above, you do not need to finish a mission (at
the moment) to unlock the following mission.


~Slavic Guest_2 am 19.12.2017 22:37 #14807

Thanks guys!

I'm not totally sure what you mean alliances don't work @KaioKen? I've never actually played through the whole campaign as I played Settlers when I was a kid. Are there campaign missions that involve friendly alliances?

Spike am 19.12.2017 23:54 #14808

Im Ruhestand
Yes, mostly the following scenario:
AI 1
AI 2

AI 1 is friendly towards AI 2 and Player
AI 2 is friendly towards AI 1

When the player attacks AI 1 (as AI 1 is friendly towards the player but the player is hostile towards the AIs), AI 1 will be hostile
to Player.
When the player attacks AI 2, AI 1 will be hostile towards the player.
When AI 2 attacks the player, nothing will change.
Using catapults also didn't change anything in the original game (thus considered as a bug).

As AI is friendly towards the player but the player is still hostile towards the AI, this is named one sided alliance which is
currently not working in RttR.
Hope that helps :)


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