~Gast123414123 am 19.12.2017 18:38 #14804

I'm having problems with some resources not being optimally delivered. For example, I have plenty of water (300+ in HQ) and all of the buildings requiring water (donkey/pig farm, bakery) have either zero water or one water instead of all five so their productivity is bellow 30%. The roads/flags are not congested and everything flows without a problem.

Is this just badly coded path-finding or could there be something else wrong? I'm playing Settlers II: Gold Edition.

KaioKen am 19.12.2017 20:03 #14805

Well, as far as i can tell: S2 always brings wheat/grain first since grain's id is lower than the id of water. Also im pretty sure only 1 job will be done per building, so water will only start being brought out if the wheat arrived and not earlier which puts a big delay in things ecspecially if the way from hq to donkeyfarm is very long. You might wanna make sure you have a storehouse closer nearby and store the water in there. The best way tho is to have a well right next to it so the water can go from the well directly to your donkeyfarm, this way you have 2 jobs of transporting water.

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~Gast123414123_2 am 19.12.2017 22:16 #14806

They are all fully loaded with wheat, so that shouldn't be the problem. I also have storehouses/HQ nearby and wells right by other buildings that need it. The same problem is with other resources as well, so it's not just water. :/

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