anni am 15.01.2018 17:24 #14839

Hello again all!

It's been a long time since I've been here. The forum looks pretty dead to me. Is anyone still

On the other note, how's the progress with RttR? How many active developers do you have at the


Flamefire am 15.01.2018 18:20 #14840

Yep, people are still here and RttR gets included in some linux distros.

We are getting forward. Babylonians are included, a new nation is coming, lua has been greatly improved and missions are coming. Active devs: Not enough. Join us!


luk3Z am 16.01.2018 13:04 #14841

We are still here but not so active on the forum.

Random map generator in-game is awsome but need some update for better mountains placement for each
player (like option for symmetric placement etc.).

Leartin am 23.01.2018 13:54 #14848

"We are getting forward. Babylonians are included, a new nation is coming, lua has been greatly improved and missions are coming.
Active devs: Not enough. Join us!"

Okay, so, I stumbled upon RttR in 2013 during a period of unemployment. Having too much time and being interested in Pixel Art, back
then, I pixelled a S2-esque building... it didn't look good, and it had no particular palette anyway, so I never actually got involved
here. Instead, I somehow got involved with Simutrans Pak192Comic - I suppose because the artistic requirements were way lower. I create
graphics for that game for almost 5 years now, and I got a bit better at it...

I only come to this website once in a blue moon, just to see if there is something to see. I probably would have just moved on, but
since there is such an open invite... how exactly DOES one join?

(Und warum schreibe ich eigentlich englisch auf einer deutschen Seite?)

Flamefire am 23.01.2018 17:50 #14850

First of all: The site is mixed (German&English) and development is in english although most code comments are still German :(

Depending what you can do, just do something ;) We are on Github where a lot of issues are open. Most of them are features where code needs to be written. I guess you are a designer? Well maybe the Babylonians are still missing some graphics? (Not sure, ask Spikeone) or help Arivald with the Celts (

You might also comment on issues on Github, participate in the discussions there and/or provide mockups. Some issues are about GUI design or changes in graphics but before doing that we need the graphics or a design how that should look like. Every constructive opinion there is good to see what people want before the coders spent a lot of time doing something that has to be undone later


Leartin am 23.01.2018 19:59 #14852

Well, okay.

Did something :D Just a 'quick' test how working in 2to3 angle suits me, and of course the palette.

So yeah, indeed I am a 'designer'. Pretty pixels is all I'm good for. If Babylonians are indeed unfinished,that would be ideal to start
out. After I find the S2 CD in the basement and set the game up...

Flamefire am 24.01.2018 11:07 #14853

Looks great! You hast have to watch out for the size of the buildings and figures so they don't get to big ;)


KaioKen am 24.01.2018 12:04 #14854

wow, that does look awesome - cool beans

Arivald am 26.01.2018 10:42 #14857

Looks great indeed! :)

Feel free to post in English!

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