drunkenIrishMan am 11.05.2018 22:33 #14944

Hi all,

just getting back into settlers II and looking foreward to trying out this mod :D
installing it now for windows (still tryna figure out how to set it up on ubuntu)

kinda find the AI and maps on the old game out dated, (lack of ships, predictable AI) wondering if this mod improves on that? :)

anyone still play multiplayer? :) never tried this game multiplayer before


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Shawn8901 am 13.05.2018 16:01 #14946


Installing on ubuntu should be quite easy.
i would reference here a german ubuntu wiki.

You should need the following packages:
libsdl1.2debian libsdl-mixer1.2 gettext libsndfile1 libsamplerate0

Afterwards download the nightly build and put your S2Gold Installation into it, like you did on windows.

About MP:
Check out the lobby and/or the irc channel #siedler2.5 on
The irc Channel has a lobby connection, so you can chat with ppl logged into the lobby and see if someone logs in.

drunkenIrishMan am 13.05.2018 23:25 #14947

Thanks Shawn!
ill do that


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