~Gast am 04.06.2018 12:35 #14966

Hey, guys!

I've tried to load any map in single player as well as in multiplayer, but each time I got the mistake 'Map
transmission was corrupt'
Don't you know how to fix it?

And one more question about full screen mode. It doesn't want to work too.

P.S My laptop is on windows 10

Flamefire am 04.06.2018 19:29 #14967

Use the latest nightly


~Gast am 05.06.2018 00:33 #14968

Thanks for the answer, Flamefire,
but still, it wasn't helpful, now it doesn't work at all

in logs:
ERROR: Some files failed to load.
Please ensure that the Settlers 2 Gold-Edition is installed
in the same directory as Return to the Roots.
Saeubere Texturespeicher: fertig (nach 0ms)

But S2 gold edition is installed in the same directory

Flamefire am 08.06.2018 18:58 #14972

Just check the log output before that. I guess you put it into a different folder or something like that.


~Gast am 11.06.2018 13:19 #14975

In the logs before it tries to load Sound-Converter

Feel free to post in English!

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