matthewbe am 27.06.2018 10:53 #14982


When I do not use the tool ordering addon, and I specify the production of one tool 50% and a second tool 50%, the metalworks will
produce one then the other.

However, with the addon enabled and setting a number of tools for each, the percentage does not indicate the respective distribution
any longer. If I set the tools 50% for each and a number of tools, it will always only produce the first until the number of tools has
been decremented to 0. That means that I have to keep playing with the settings if I want an even production of both tools.

I think that the original behavior must be kept even when I set the number of tools to produce.

Flamefire am 02.07.2018 18:59 #14984

Good idea. implemented that


~Gast am 02.07.2018 20:03 #14985

Tool production functions just the same with or without the tool ordering addon enabled if you dont order any tools, the idea of tool ordering was to give the player the opportunity to order a specific amount of tools before going back to normal production without having to juggle with the percentage sliders.

In your example, if you just leave the sliders at 50/50 and dont order any tools, your settlers will produce them at the desired 50/50 ratio. Tool ordering comes into play if you now need a specific amount (say, 3) of a third tool: Instead of setting tools one and two to 0 and the third to 100, and tracking how many have been produced before switching the percentages back, you just order 3 pieces of tool three while leaving the sliders as they were, and 3 pieces of tool three get priority-produced, and once they're finished it'll go back to 50/50 of tools one and two.

Using the percentage sliders for ordered tools as well is a good idea to even production though.

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