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In so many addons's options I have few questions (I didn't bother about them in the past but I just want to know :P ):

1. what 'frontier distance checks reachability'  
2. what 'adjust military strength'
3. what 'custom build sequence'

exactly mean compared to original S2 ?

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Spike am 31.10.2018 22:03 #15053

Im Ruhestand
Just guessing:
1) 2 hostile buildings might be close to each other (distance) but there is either only a very long path or not even a path available
between them. If reachability is not checked, they count as "near border" but they can not attack anything so thats not really true...
by enabling this option those buildings then may count as "inland" thus drain no soldiers.

2) There are 3 settings if I remember that right, one makes generals quite strong (1 general kills 11 privates I think), s2 settings
makes them quite s2 like ( 1 general kills 7 privates) and weak settings then result in weak generals (1 general kills 3 privates).
This mainly changes what rng is used when deciding if a soldier gets hit by an other soldier / hits another soldier.

3) You can set a priority for building sites. Without that addon you may place: Sawmill, woodcutter, woodcutter, forester - now those
buildings are built in order (or should at least). When enabling build sequence you may set woodcutters at the highest priority, which
then results (placing same order) in: woodcutter, woodcutter, sawmill, forester


Flamefire am 01.11.2018 09:11 #15057

on 1) Best example: 2 military buildings close to each other but there is sea inbetween. In S2 they count as "close" although they can never attack each other. The addon fixes this.


Spike am 01.11.2018 09:56 #15058

Im Ruhestand
Just found the wiki page - at least your second question is answered:


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