luk3Z am 03.09.2018 09:07 #15024

In later game on bigger maps player can be overwhelmed by flood of messages.
To avoid this "spam" it will be nice to see in the game auto-delete feature.
Let me show you an example:

1. You get 10 msg that "you are under attack" (old)
2. You get 10 msg that "military building lost" (new)

So, you get 20 messages about attack & military building lost but - if particular military building lost you no loger need previous message that "you are under attack" in this particular military building. Summarize - you don't need messages about "you are under attack" when you lost this particular military building (50% of this messages are useless).

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Flamefire am 03.09.2018 10:19 #15025

This is gonna be very hard because the messages don't know their content. At the point they get into the inbox they are basically just text.
Also you'd need to define what makes a message "redundant" which might be quite long. E.g. "out-of-resources" is made redundant when the bld is detsroyed.


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