chrissge am 22.10.2018 21:08 #15039

When starting a game through the lobby, I'm able to choose a map but when hitting "continue" the game crashes.
I'm currently running the latest stable version on a mac. Any hints what I can do?

chrissge am 22.10.2018 21:22 #15040

Loading "share/s25rttr/RTTR/LSTS/logo.bmp": done in 2ms
Loading "share/s25rttr/RTTR/LSTS/menu.bmp": done in 91ms
finished in 291ms
Loading LST,BOB,IDX,BMP,TXT,GER,ENG,INI files from "/Users/chris/Library/Application Support/Return To The Roots/LSTS/"
Loading "/Users/chris/Library/Application Support/Return To The Roots/LSTS/SOUND.LST": done in 4ms
finished in 6ms
lade "share/s25rttr/RTTR/MUSIC/S2_Standard.pll"
3 in_order
Connection to
Sucessfully connected to
(21:07:22) <SYSTEM>: Chrissge joined
LobbyClient: GameServer Chrissge's Game wird erstellt ...
GameServer Chrissge's Game sucessfully created!
Connection to
Sucessfully connected to localhost:3665
Connection to
Sucessfully connected to

To me everything looks fine in the terminal...

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CryssmaTV am 22.10.2018 23:07 #15041

Same here,

Game over the Internet Lobby Crashed and the CMD WIndow is closed, when the game is starting. Play over Direct IP works fine.
Singelplayer to. only Internet Lobby make problems.

Das selbe hier,

Spiele über die Internetlobby stürtzen ab, bzw CMD Fenster schließt sich, wenn man das Spiel startet. Spielen über Direkte IP
funktioniert prima, Singelplayer auch. Nur über die Internetlobby Probleme.

PC Hard- Software

Windows 10
Windows Defender
Nvidia 1060 GTX 6 GB
Msi z170 Board

Wäre Schade wenn die Lobby nicht funktioniert, ist nen super Mod

LobbyClient: GameServer CryssmaTVs Spiel2 wird erstellt ...
GameServer CryssmaTVs Spiel2 sucessfully created!
Connection to
Sucessfully connected to localhost:3665
Saeubere Texturespeicher: fertig (nach 0ms)
Connection to
Sucessfully connected to
Drücken Sie eine beliebige Taste . . .


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Flamefire am 23.10.2018 18:00 #15042

Please update to latest version and try again. If the issue persists please open an issue on Github (see BugTracker on left) and attach the full LOG

Thank you


Feel free to post in English!

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