FloSoft am 10.01.2019 15:27 #15150


we recently updated the build servers toolchains to new versions and Flamefire already put a lot of efford into updating the code to use the now available newer c++ language elements (Thank You!)

The various platform builds will now be in sync (now no incomplete builds will be available anymore)

We also changed the update behaviour:
Each commit will result in a build, but now a deployment to the website and integrated updater will not trigger automatically.
Instead a special deployment build will be done once per Night. (Now its really a nightly version!)

Team members with access to the jenkins build server can still trigger a new deployment build any time if necessary.

Like this, we can better decide which development features will be available and can do some pre-deployment tests if necessary. Hopefully leading to less broken automatic updates.

If everything goes well, we can try to get the current nightly ready to be deployed as the next stable release 0.9.0


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Spike am 10.01.2019 16:50 #15151

Im Ruhestand
If there was a thumbs up, you two would get like 30 ;)

Thanks for your efforts Flosoft and Flamefire! Keep it up


K4T am 13.01.2019 20:04 #15152

Very, very nice!