~Burton1224 am 19.01.2019 20:16 #15158

First big thank you for the great game mod.
So im not able to log in to the german version of the website. Login window doesnt exist.

Map creater the mapcreater which is posted here in the forum is not working under windows 10.
The mapcreater which is added to the game mod datas is not creating a border land (example water).
If you enter the map creater a small map with water is there but if you adjust it the water border is disappearing.


Spike am 20.01.2019 00:17 #15159

Im Ruhestand
Editor with this setting:
Creates this map:
Which is quite right. Don't see any problems with missing borders? What exactly do you mean?

For logging in first:

Regarding the windwos 10 compatibility - the editor which was posted here hasn't been changed in quite a while. It is not an official
tool and not maintained anymore. The only editor which is (a bit) maintained is the one we currently ship. For a compatible editor
please use dosbox and the original if our editor fails.

Hope that helps.


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