vortex am 24.02.2019 17:27 #15181

hello mates, took a while before we got working this game with friend, but finally its begun work. its was pretty fun, but i wish more people over there, lobby is all time empty, once i saw spike nicked guy out there only. any active players still in 2019?

Spike am 24.02.2019 23:12 #15182

Im Ruhestand
Well there are still active players - and new players still join. Sadly most players don't stay for long in the lobby so it feels like
the lobby is always empty.

Just join IRC or stay for some time in the lobby, you will find enemys, just as I do ;)


Moesewicht am 26.02.2019 19:26 #15183

I will be online this evening. Just reply or go online if you want to play.

Feel free to post in English!

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