~Erik am 05.04.2019 15:46 #15192


I've noticed there are 3 difficulty levels on the AI.

I tried to play some single player FFA on 'The Ring' with 3 AI easy and I just can't beat them.

When purple who is closest to me hits my southern border he sends everyting he has at me. Maybe I win maybe I lose.

But if I win then shortly after red (who hasn't fought yet) hits my northern boarder and starts attacking. With my military weakened
after the battle with purple I just can't see how I can win.

Also red who has no gold mines has some fully upgraded soldiers? How does he have that? I dont have the battle field promotions setting

Any tips? Or do I just suck?

Spike am 06.04.2019 17:39 #15197

Im Ruhestand
Well, simply build more fortresses. The AI wont attack if they have less attackers than you have defenders (at least it was that way).

You should also upgrade soldiers before sending them to a border.

The ring is also imbalanced, the original yellow player (east) has gold right from the beginning.


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