~Mösewicht am 06.04.2019 12:06 #15195

Load Hamachi and join: Siedler Return
no pass needed

Looking for players - It works!

Spike am 06.04.2019 17:37 #15196

Im Ruhestand
I'd recommend using any other platform to stay in touch with players and play using direct ip. e.g. IRC, Steam Group or Discord


~Mösewicht am 06.04.2019 21:03 #15198

Well, direct IP only works using a vpn client like Hamachi - at least for me. and it works perfectly fine :)

Spike am 06.04.2019 22:08 #15199

Im Ruhestand
Well, forwarding port 3665 TCP should work fine as well :)


~Mösewicht am 06.04.2019 23:05 #15200

Not for me, unfortunately :( We tried that, even with firewall off...

Feel free to post in English!

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