~foamy am 28.06.2019 11:32 #15251


thanks for putting effort into this great project.
I encountered some issues with save game writing on huge maps (1024 x 1024)
Error during saving: std::bad_alloc

Is there a way to improve on save game writing or did i hit some kind of hardcoded limit?

kind regards

Flamefire am 28.06.2019 20:42 #15252

There is no hardcoded limit but huge maps are not well supported as it will probably be to slow when it starts getting full.

It is probably better to use the 64 bit version if you are not already doing that. Have you got a savegame replay from somewhere before the crash?


~Foamy am 29.06.2019 01:43 #15253

Hey, thanks for replying.
Issue was solved by getting another version.
Sorry, i should have checked that first.

The game did not crash.
It was throwing "Error during saving: std::bad_alloc" in a civilized manner, so i just never closed it.

I checked which version i was using and it was s25rttr_20190625
So i downloaded the current 0.8.2 for windows and ran the update.

I can successfully save now.  Thanks a lot :)

Also, i found the sounds of the Mill much too loud and long. I would like to reduce the volume but i can not get to the sound effect file.

I have been looking for a way to work on the sounds.lst file  but i am not even sure if i am using the correct tool (notepad++)   Any suggestions on how to open/extract ?

kind regards and thanks for the quick reply.

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