seiiib am 06.10.2019 11:50 #15322

above all, congratulations for your site and the work you have done.

I played settlers 2 a long time when I was young in the 90s (I still have the original CD with high quality music).

I found on my pc a version of installed settlers, the gold edition with additional maps (v1.51). I do not know if the game is patched for improvement but I have maps that probably come from home. And it only works with DOS

I saw that the game is out in "history edition" and that you have released an improved version. What seems best to choose to have the best gaming experience?

PS: sorry for my bad english, i'm french.

Spike am 06.10.2019 15:20 #15323

Im Ruhestand
Hey Seiiib,

I nevery played the history Edition of the game. But a lot of people compalain that the game is not ready for higher resolutions as you
can not properly zoom. Also some bugs still persist and some sounds have been altered to the worse.

If you really want a close to original experience (including singleplayer campaign) you may go with the history edition.

If you'd like to have a slightly better AI, some smaller Addons which can change the gameplay quite a bit and you may also like to play
multiplayer some day or you simply want seafaring on non campaign maps - you may go with rttr.

You can also try RttR right now as you own the original (and got the DATA and GFX folder for RttR) and then you might be happy with
what you have ;)


Feel free to post in English!

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