~Gast am 25.01.2020 19:54 #15391

hey guys, since a few weeks i can't join games anymore and other people can't join my games anymore (in the internet lobby).

in the window "Join Game" in the box "IP Address of Host:" it starts with ::ffff: and then the IP Adress. what's with those "ffff"? has
anyone else seen something similar? i can't remember what has been there before, but "ffff" just doesn't seem to be right.

thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

Spike am 25.01.2020 22:26 #15392

Im Ruhestand
Does direct connect work?


FloSoft am 26.01.2020 09:13 #15393

if it starts with ::ffff: - it's an ipv6 address. do you have ipv6 enabled?


Spike am 26.01.2020 13:25 #15394

Im Ruhestand
Well, was just asking about the direct connect thingy as last time I played the other guy was not able to connect via lobby - but
direct connect was working fine.


~Gast am 26.01.2020 17:40 #15395

yes, direct connect works fine, just having issues with the lobby connection.

and it might be worth mentioning that the issue appears both ways, when others try to join my game and also when i try to join the game
of someone else.

i am using IPv4 all the way through btw.

FloSoft am 26.01.2020 20:16 #15396


I think I can imagine why (we switched the lobby server to an ipv6 capable mode)

it seems it will get a "wrong" ipv4 client ip addresses then. Will look into it.

Edit: this should be fixed now


Editiert von FloSoft am 31.01.2020 17:22

Spike am 27.01.2020 20:56 #15397

Im Ruhestand
can confirm, it's working (at least for me)


~Gast am 30.01.2020 19:49 #15398

thank you very much, it does indeed work again. :)

Master64 am 11.02.2020 19:45 #15399

I have the same problem. Please, help!

~Gadyuckin am 11.02.2020 19:53 #15400

We have a problem with Lobby.
I can create a game, but my friend cannot join to my game: connection failed.
We tried both of iPv: 4 and 6. No results.
Please, help))

Spike am 12.02.2020 06:12 #15401

Im Ruhestand
Hi Gadyuckin,

did the player who hosts open either a port (which the client player then used, default 3665 tcp) or did you enable upnp forwarding?
Both are router configuration, with which we can not help but you'll find help for most mofels by simply searching for your router name + the words "port forwarding".

In some cases the firewall is blocking, so you may also check that.

Hope that helps


Master64 am 15.02.2020 23:16 #15402

I have the same problem. Please, help!

Spike am 16.02.2020 12:01 #15403

Im Ruhestand
Well, same ideas as written above - did you try them?


Feel free to post in English!

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