Berciq am 28.04.2020 14:18 #15446

Hello, I am quite a fan of this game and also a map creator, I have created (I guess) something nice - 10
campaign maps which are continuation of the basic story of Octavian.

I had idea of creating them as challenges and riddles and so they are. Playing them require at least average game
knowledge, using tricks, and many more.
For example stage where you have to manage with wood shortcut or lack of stones, or lack of space, or just about
resources or without starting with proper people or in really bad location. One stage makes impossible to beat
enemy and only solution would be running out, building ship and escaping...

I hope they are made in nice way, I tested them many times, learned few basics to show messages during game, and
also to force enemies being really tough with few starting building locations.

There is continous story, there are some character thoughts, dillemas twisted with few geographic curiosities

2x wasteland
2x ice
6x green (with one desert and one rainforest climate)

The only thing it requires is replacing folder MISSIONS and TXT.

Direct link to High resolution image:

After all and my question: I want to share it for free for players like me. If there is anyone who is programmer
maybe there is chance to create additional in-game button with (Roman Campaign II) and list of new missions

Anyway, just finishing testing 3rd time final map, I will put link to download and instruction in following week,
just checking all messages english ^^

Spike am 28.04.2020 18:07 #15449

Im Ruhestand
Hey Berciq,

really like the style and detail of your maps (as far as one can see). I only dislike the snow-desert contrast (3rd row, 4th column),
can't really tell why but it always looked unnatural to me.
It also feels like some areas could need some heights so the planer has something to plane ;)

I'm assisting anyone who is willing to create a campaign with their scripts, lua is fairly easy and translating most events from RTX to
LUA isn't that hard. You also have more options to enhance the mission as we have more options than the original had.

Feel free to join our discord and we can work something out :) Would be great if we could not only release the original campaign but
also some custom campaigns when all features have been added.

Looking forward to get my hands on the files ;)


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Berciq am 28.04.2020 23:01 #15451

This snow! I know why it bothers you xD this are ment to be white stone (chalk) cliffs like in Britan "white
cliffs of Dover". I know in real it is snow, but playing with further distance and sandy beach below it makes
sence =D

Anyway yes, this Campaign is whole, written, tested and ready to be tested by other players. If I will find time
I'll try to figure out this translation of RTX

It can be just renamed to missions XI-XX idk why I didn't thought about it earlier.

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Predee am 13.05.2020 23:50 #15483

Hi there,

Looking forward to check this out :)

Pozdrawiam / Best Regards

It's Predee

Berciq am 16.05.2020 22:09 #15488

All right, here are Sc of all this 10 maps (3 are turned also to be multiplayer maps (6,9,10))
(If they are too big You can zoom out browser)

Stages 1-3

Stage 4 - Closed Pass

Stage 5 - Caldera Lake

Stage 6 - Viking Fiord

Stage 7 - Rain Forest

Stage 8 - Borders

Stage 9 - Voland

Stage 10 - Three Battles


For now maps are ready, wokrs great on S2 tested 3 times each, but I have scripted them in RTX

I have no idea for now how long does it take to turn mission script from RTX to format which would work on RttR.

~Unterwald am 18.05.2020 09:05 #15489

Wow, seems like you did a great job.
Can't wait until this Campaign is ready to be played. Also love the concept of Riddles and Tricks.
Best regards!

Spike am 18.05.2020 09:57 #15490

Im Ruhestand
As said, I can help with the LUA scripting - but I'd need the files^^


Feel free to post in English!

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