RM1985 am 24.05.2020 10:00 #15492

I would like to know, how it is possible to change a certain texture or replace it?

For instance, how could I make a greenland texture like a meadow look like a meadow in wasteland? Or change some others?

And could I also apply this to only one map or would this be changed on all maps then??

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Spike am 24.05.2020 10:20 #15494

Flamefire am 24.05.2020 12:03 #15495

The current easiest way is to edit the lua files (greenland.lua) etc which define those. However: They are NOT synchronized, so when playing multiplayer you have to make sure all players have the same ones and they are also overwritten on updates.

Creating a new file and placing it in an override folder (like <user>Saved GamesReturn To The RootsLSTSGAME) is possible too. That would be a local customization and for all maps (as the other method is too), but you need to figure out the correct format. A bmp with the same name (excluding the extension) or a folder with the bmp should work.


RM1985 am 24.05.2020 13:43 #15497

But change the texture just on a certain map is not possible, right??

What about creating a new palette with all different textures that you want, could I do this myself?

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