~Gast am 30.06.2020 18:22 #15514

I seach a lot of big maps like 512*512 or 1024 ; except the neweurope, have you more map like that ? If yes if you have links.

Spike am 30.06.2020 22:18 #15515

Im Ruhestand

you can use this one to create larger maps:


Arthur am 09.09.2020 17:49 #15545

Hi, the map generator is quite functional, but it can be set somehow:
the number of ports
the amount of raw materials or their ratio?

Spike am 11.09.2020 12:08 #15546

Im Ruhestand
No, you can't

At least as far as I can see. I don't think that Merri will put more effort into that generator.


Arthur am 11.09.2020 14:11 #15549

It is a pity, but it's still a good thing. Something is better than nothing.

Editiert von Arthur am 11.09.2020 14:13

Flamefire am 11.09.2020 20:00 #15550

Well there is a new ingame map generator in work:

Maybe that can support that


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