~Splot am 02.08.2020 12:08 #15528

Hi there. Great job guys, I really appreciate your work!

Is there a way to make the original CD audio work with RTTR if one owns (for example) the GOG edition? MIDI works just fine, but I
would really like to hear the original CD soundtrack.

I noticed there is a way do add additional directory of tracks in the options menu. Are you aware where I can find the CD audio in the
directory of the GOG edition? I tried looking there but nothing rings a bell.

Spike am 03.08.2020 13:57 #15529

Im Ruhestand
As far as I have seen, the soundtrack is in mp3 format.

RttR does not support that - you have to convert those files to *.OGG and then you can simply add them to the music player (either one by one or the folder).


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