Arthur am 03.09.2020 00:32 #15536

It would be good to have another type of game. Type of regicide: When conquering the home castle, the opponent would lose regardless of
other military buildings. This type of game speeds up the whole game.

I apologize for the automatic translation

Spike am 03.09.2020 10:06 #15537

Im Ruhestand
Hey Arthur,

although we do not have such Gamemode as option, you can create one using LUA-Scripts.


Use GetNumBuildings(building_type) in order to obtain the number of HQs a player has and then Surrender(destroyBuildings) to force a surrender (either with destruction or without). Also check if a player is defeated already with IsDefeated().

I may provide such script later.

You may use that script, simply put it in the maps folder and name it as your map, in my example the map is called:
TueranTuer.SWD so the script is called: TueranTuer.LUA


Ingame: (The star indicates that a script is attached to the map)


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Arthur am 07.09.2020 22:47 #15538

Thanks for the information, I can't download the script from the google drive. Can you write that script here on
the forum please? Thank you in advance.

Spike am 08.09.2020 11:07 #15539

Im Ruhestand
Doesn't it look like this for you?


Arthur am 08.09.2020 14:39 #15540

You need access
Request access or switch to an account with access.

I requested access via google drive, but no change.

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Spike am 08.09.2020 14:53 #15541

Im Ruhestand

changed restrictions, does it work?


Arthur am 08.09.2020 15:24 #15542

Good job! I'm going to try it. Thank you very much.

Arthur am 08.09.2020 17:41 #15543

Your LUA script works perfectly. Thank you!

Feel free to post in English!

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