Arthur am 09.09.2020 17:20 #15544

I'm trying to translate to Czech and we have already translated 96.86% but I can't translate the item "Keep setting" for the adon
"Coins on captured buildings". I can't think of the difference between "Keep setting" and "Enable". Can someone please explain to me
what "Keep setting" does?

Thank you in advance

~Arminus am 11.09.2020 13:10 #15547

"Keep Setting: yes/no" "Coins on captured buildings".

For example "yes" means that, if the enemy Tower has disabled coins and you capture it, the coins will still be disabled. If your setting is "no" then the captured Tower will switch to your standard coin setting. So if your buildings enable coins by default, then the captured building will also enable coins no matter what the enemy setting was.

I hope this help.

Arthur am 11.09.2020 14:09 #15548

Yes, I think it helped. Thank you. This description would be good to give in help for this adon.

Feel free to post in English!

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