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Thanks for keeping Settlers 2 going, love RTTR.

My suggestion is - when attacking harbours is allowed in a game - then the Expedition should automatically include the highest
ranking available soldier in the harbour where the expedition is ordered/starts from. Maybe there will be 3 soldiers required or
this could be a pre-set add-on option before the game starts, or it could be included in the military manpower menu, so along
with the new near Harbour military buildings, there is another manpower option to set the number of soldiers required in each

Allowing the harbour to be attacked effectively makes it a military building anyway, but the most valuable one because of all
the resources it may contain. At the moment when a new harbour is finished it is completely defenceless and there is a race to
see if you can reinforce it with a soldier before the enemy attacks it, which is soul destroying and leads to a stalemate or war
of attrition/ absolute chaos on larger maps.

I don't know if this issue has been raised before, but I think it would make big sea-faring maps more playable.


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