Valet2 am 04.03.2021 13:19 #15691

Hey. Walking through non-campaign levels. After 10 hours the game crashed, and the savegame appeared to be corrupted. Poor my 10
hours of gameplay :(

I tried to search for deleted files in hope the game not simply overwrites the file but saves a new copy (used the "RTTRSV" as
file mask), but nope -- nothing useful on a hard drive.

Is there a way to fix the save? If no -- I'll start another game.

I've uploaded the files here:

--- Old Habits Never Die ---

Spike am 04.03.2021 14:20 #15692

Im Ruhestand
You may use the replay function to create another savegame.

Also: What version are you using? Which Scripts are you using?
And: You may create a new issue on github for such matter :)


~Gast am 05.03.2021 01:40 #15693

:((((((     Ihate whem that happend

Valet2 am 05.03.2021 07:11 #15694

WOW, it worked! So with the replay function I can create a save on any timespot when I did something wrong.

The version is the latest nightly. No scripts I believe. The save was corrupted I guess because of the ssd failure -- it suddenly
stoped working, and maybe I tried to save the game not realizing that.


Hmm, that happened again -- the save became dead. Replaying to the latest state.

--- Old Habits Never Die ---

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Spike am 05.03.2021 12:18 #15695

Im Ruhestand
Please create an issue and attach the corrupted files :)


Flamefire am 07.03.2021 18:32 #15696

Thanks for the savegame, found the bug and fixed in


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