~Martinus am 19.07.2021 16:10 #15751

Hello! While playing the game,I often miss the function of communicating/talking with the ally player.I would like to give them
commands just like how in Age of Empires 2.When me or the AI needs resources/tools or help in fight by
sending soldiers, build this or that, focus on cutting trees, etc..Also I like to give commands like: check your road connectivity
(I often saw the horrible roads of the AI.Sometimes their roads not
even connected to anything like the main roads, so the AI's building did not finnish, or guard posts could not be taken because of
this..)The communication between the ally is important (also communicating between AI and AI). It would be improve the game so much
in my
opinion.What do you think? Good, or bad idea?

Spike am 21.07.2021 10:03 #15752

Im Ruhestand
As far as I remember we had some ideas for that already...

... but I can't find it :x

But having commands like "Play Defensive" or "Send X of Y" would be nice - connecting roads via command seems quite hard though. Sounds like switching to the AI player temporary is easier.


Spike am 24.07.2021 10:20 #15755

Im Ruhestand
Ha, found it: we already (kinda) have such interface


~Martinus am 24.07.2021 15:08 #15757

I'm waiting for that. It would be cool if we have similar commands like in AOE2!
What about the road connectivity problem? Anybody else found building foundations/guard posts/ etc... abandoned because of road
connectivity issues? I know it's not part of the communication with the AI, but still a problem!

Spike am 24.07.2021 16:48 #15758

Im Ruhestand
It's already merged - so you can use it (Although it doesn't seem to be documented).

Nevermind :D it's not yet implemented.

The AI sometimes does not connect buildings as it upgrades soldiers just like human players. I rarely played the last months, does the AI not reconnect them if they are close to an enemy?


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