~RussoTouristo am 22.07.2021 15:49 #15753

Hallo, ich habe mich entschlossen, meine eigene Map im Leveleditor zu erstellen. bemerkt, dass es unmöglich ist,
einen Ort für den PORT zu erstellen, eine Karte mit ISLANDS zu erstellen.

1. Sagen Sie mir, ist es möglich, eine Karte mit einem HAFEN und Seerouten zu erstellen?
2. Zukünftig können Sie im Editor durch Scrollen mit der Maus einen Kamerazoom erstellen.

Ich bin dir sehr dankbar für deine Arbeit!

Spike am 23.07.2021 20:31 #15754

Im Ruhestand
You can press F1 when in editor mode for viewing the keyboard layout.

By keeping H pressed, you can place Harbor spots (left click while pressing H)

There is no such thing as Zoom, but there are buttons (see F1 help)for zooming in and out.


~Russotouristo am 24.07.2021 17:20 #15759

I started to get an error and did not load the map because of what could it be? it happened after I drew
lava. there are no plants and animals in the lava.

Connection to
Successfully connected to localhost:3665
SERVER: Using gameframe length of 50ms
SERVER: Using networkframe length of 1 GFs (50ms)
server state changed to stop
client state changed to stop

Spike am 24.07.2021 17:47 #15760

Im Ruhestand
Hm, can't tell from that video - can you upload the mapfile?


~Russotouristo am 24.07.2021 19:21 #15761

Spike am 24.07.2021 21:32 #15762

Im Ruhestand
Seems like that map is broken, can't load it in the editor.


~Russotouristo am 24.07.2021 21:46 #15763

I downloaded and it opens well. will have to redo ((

~russotouristo am 24.07.2021 21:55 #15764

this map is 512 x512, was generated in the game itself, and edited in the editor, this may be
the problem?. but at first, before adding lava to the map, it opened in the game, normally. The
editor in which I open, added by the link to the dropbox

Spike am 24.07.2021 22:42 #15765

Im Ruhestand
Hm, well not going to test that editor, sorry.

Would need the base map you used, rather than the edited version. Guess something went wrong - 314kb ssems quite small for 512x512.


~russotouristo am 25.07.2021 11:31 #15766

file size with a map - 3.5 MB).  which editor do you use?

Spike am 25.07.2021 11:37 #15767

Im Ruhestand
Just checked RttR, "Failed to load map "F:s25rttr_20201230WORLDSrndaki.swd": File had the wrong header. Possibly wrong file format"

Looks like the file is broken.


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