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Im Ruhestand
Greetings fellow Settler Fans,

as many of you know it's been years since we last published a stable release version. In fact I was buffled when I searched for the "exact" date - which is nearly 8 years ago. As you may have seen, there have been lots of changes in the past years which we have posted >>here<<.

Since then we closed 132 additional tickets. Thanks to anybody who contributed in any way. Without your support it wouldn't be possible to keep this project going!

As everybody loves download buttons that seem suspicious:

>> Download 0.9.1 here <<

Rather than listing any closed issue, we want to sum up the major changes since 0.8.x:

  • Improved/Fixed asyncs

  • Improved network code

  • Improved/Fixed Internet Lobby

  • Improved game performance

  • Added LUA-Script support for missions

  • Added victory window

  • Updated to SDL2

  • Included map editor

  • Added built in random map generator

  • Added LAN server browser

  • Improved/Fixed savegame handling

  • Improved/Fixed multiple menues

  • Improved/Fixed our updater

  • Added support for language specific charsets

  • Added windows 10 support

  • Improved/Fixed an undefined number of bugs

So whats up next? Thats certainly a question you may find asking yourself. There are three major things on our list for the next stable version, which shouldn't take another 8 years.

  • Add original campaign with all it's features

  • Finish babylonien soldier graphics

  • Add history edition support

Thats it for now, if you have further questions, join our Discord and ask us directly.


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Dragosius am 27.07.2021 14:25 #15771

Yeah :)

I'm really waiting for the original campaign.
Currently it is not the same, but I love your project.

etother am 14.08.2021 17:09 #15772

Thanks to the developers for their continuous work on this project. I love to be able to play Settlers from time to time without having problems.

Matthias am 24.10.2021 19:27 #15783

Congratulations on the release.

Wo0t am 02.11.2021 17:11 #15798

In the case of the stable version, there is a problem if you want to play with someone who has MacOSx.
Even though the versions are the same, there is still an incompatible version message. Only the update to
Nighty allows you to play together.

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soong101 am 31.12.2021 11:58 #15823

Thanks for the continuing work, this project allows me to revisit the magic of the original game

luk3Z am 31.12.2021 14:44 #15824

I agree. 3D not always means better and more playable.
I like 2D isometric games. Viele danke devs (sorry for my pseudo Polnish-Deutsch) !
By the way - Happy New Year !

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