ahasver am 27.10.2021 01:25 #15784

Hallo RTTR,
in order to adapt maps to my liking I utilized the old null.exe of Andre Dahmen.
This was a Pascal written program for DOS.
It works fine with maps up to 256/256 but not correctly for larger ones (only partial flattening).
Via GOOGLE I found a reference to RTTR with the following text:
     "Also the old null.exe (Dahmen) was OK (flattens the whole map)."
A board search lead to nothing. Any idea where to find a respective post?
AND/OR is there an equivalent program existing which would also work with larger maps?

Thanks in advance
Regards - ahasver

28.03.1948 - Osterhase

Spike am 27.10.2021 09:22 #15785

Im Ruhestand
Hey ahasver,

when I started with C and C++ my first project was some kind of map tool. It provides several functions that might be usefull for you as well. I have a function "set height" which flattens the map to that specific height. I don't know if it is what the "flatten" function did. Sadly I also never heard of null.exe.

Anyway, here is the Link:


ahasver am 04.11.2021 00:28 #15802

Hallo Spike,

thanks for Your answer. I got Your ObjectPlacement already a couple of months ago.
Function #5 (Set-Heights-Tool)worked all too good; maps were flattened OK but everything else was gone too:
no trees, no rocks, no Headquarters ....

Since the NULL package of A.Dahmen contained the underlying .PAS file (TP4.0) I did some Pascal on my own.
I now have a version that flattens also maps larger than 256/256. Only thing that bothers me a bit is that
it runs only under MSDOS (DosBox).

The other thing Dahmen supplied was a basic documentation of the 14 areas/blocks of .SWD files.
Is there a a somewhat enhanced explanation available?

Regards -ahasver

28.03.1948 - Osterhase

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Spike am 04.11.2021 07:44 #15803

Im Ruhestand
The best Documentation for SWD/WLD files can be found here:

Just tested it by using an original map - I set the height to 30 or something around and my tool did not delete anything.


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ahasver am 04.11.2021 14:47 #15804

Hallo Spike,

I tried your program again with Your world-map (1024/660) - and it worked fine!
I'm sorry about my first comment - absolutely no idea what went wrong.
The link to Merri's site was really helpful for my understanding - thanks.

Regards - ahasver

28.03.1948 - Osterhase

Feel free to post in English!

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