~Gast am 27.10.2021 11:48 #15786

The game does not remember the settings in Main selction / Tools (ver. 0.9.1 stable). Old version 0.8.2 stable work good.

Spike am 28.10.2021 07:39 #15787

Im Ruhestand
On which OS? Main selection means addon settings?


~Gast am 29.10.2021 08:04 #15788

Windows 10 Pro 21H1. Ex. - I set 100% and it is 90% or 0%. Link to screen capture:

Spike am 29.10.2021 13:19 #15789

Im Ruhestand
Sorry, can't reproduce that?

After what action your settings are messed up?
I tried the following:
1) Set your settings
2) Closed the windows (right click)
3) Opened them again (all fine)
4) Saved the game
5) Loaded the game (all fine)

So sadly I can't reproduce that problem. Any steps on how to recreate that problem? Which RttR Version are you using?


~Gast am 31.10.2021 14:40 #15790

Spike am 01.11.2021 08:02 #15792

Im Ruhestand
Did the same actions as you did and couldn't reproduce it.

Which version are you using?


~Gast am 02.11.2021 10:59 #15796

~Gast am 02.11.2021 11:57 #15797

Hi, i find "error". This situation occurs if the choice we approve the ESC key. If the window "Tools" lock normally (the upper horn
left) this is good.

Spike am 02.11.2021 17:55 #15801

Im Ruhestand
Okay, this seems to only happen when using ESC rather than right click to close option windows.


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