~Gast am 06.02.2022 10:56 #15903

Hi !

Firstly thanks for a great job !!! this mod fixes all the issues i had with the game 20 or so years ago :))

I really enjoy playing it !

But i have encountered some issues :

scouts - is there any way to hire scouts ?  i cant send exploration expedition because i have like 1-2 scouts only and while
playing on island map i am unable to attack him. Naval attack work only on harbours ??

Spike am 06.02.2022 16:39 #15904

Im Ruhestand
You need a bow to recruit a scout.

You need 3 scouts to send an exploration expedition.
There is an addon for setting the amount of scouts needed.

You can use sea attacks to attack buildings as well - depends on the settings, maybe the harbor blocks. You need to see them.


~Gast am 07.02.2022 07:50 #15906

I've tested sea attacks on Landung map - didnt know about scouts / bows tho :))

Thx for info

Feel free to post in English!

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