Spike am 05.03.2022 11:16 #15931

Im Ruhestand
Hello everyone,

a user asked me to upload maps he designed for a custom campaign. He asks you to play them and give feedback to each map. For example what did you like, or what did you not like about the map. Also add your personal difficulty rating for the map on a scale from 1 (easy) to 5 (hard).


For any questions, feel free to ask me via discord.


Berciq am 13.03.2022 17:08 #15936

I hav'nt play so far, however viewed all maps for inspiration reasons

12th&14th I really liked one long river where ships and harbors can be built, for me awesome idea
13th nice idea of epic battle of 5 armies in the middle
15th with this woodcutter quarry race seems nice idea ^^

in 1/2/3 should i see palms snd cactus or i don't have graphics/extensions requires?
in 5th map seems completely unreadable ^^
i don't quite like shape of brush

Partysan am 02.01.2023 20:35 #16106

Hi, the file aren´t available right now.
Is there a special folder to import this files? I think, if it is a campain, there should be setting allready set to play it like the creator choose it for this map. Or did i something wrong? I can open all maps in the endless game topic an have to choose own settings. Is there an other way to start it as campain, so i had to deal with the settings ot the creator?

Spike am 03.01.2023 13:11 #16107

Im Ruhestand
Looks like I removed those files since there is a cumstom campaign on it's way. Those were rather freeplay maps than "real campaign" maps


Feel free to post in English!

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