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Im Ruhestand
Greetings fellow Settler Fans,

just in case you are not aware, Merri from created a new texture pack. This pack is partially compatible with Return to the Roots, you can replace the textures, although the palettes and gouraud shading data is not used. Read more about the pack here: New texture pack: Rusty Polar

Here is his preview:


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Runshak am 06.04.2022 03:56 #15980

Looks nice. If I have next weekend some spare time I will give it a try

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etother am 10.04.2022 12:33 #15982

This is absolute crazy. It seems there are a lot of S2 lovers that comes out of the woodwork these days.
They also brought back the website from Jürgen Nagel :D Some old lovely memories :D

luk3Z am 19.04.2022 19:20 #16024

For RttR you will only need those files: TEX_RUSTY_POLAR_RC2\GFX\TEXTURES\those 6 files nothing more. If you replace more then crash may appear.

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Matthias am 08.05.2022 16:17 #16037

Nice choice of palettes.

Quorzom am 01.03.2023 17:25 #16130

Nice, the new palettes and colors are much easier on the eyes