~Vinicius am 09.11.2022 12:53 #16083

Hello, fellow settlers!

I have been playing Settlers 2 since about 10 or 15 years ago, when I bought it in a magazine bundled with a game (it was called "Senha
PC"). Since then, I have played it a lot, however, I never found another management/city builder that could entertain me like Settlers
2. So I'd like to hear your  suggestions of great games of the same genre you play.


Spike am 09.11.2022 23:29 #16084

Im Ruhestand
I personally always liked OTTD (open transport tycoon deluxe) for that matter. It's not really like settlers 2 but for me it always felt like settlers, since you had to manage a road system.

Also Northgard since it had sectors which felt like military buildings, so thats one thing for me that has been pretty settlers 2 alike.

Valhalla Hills is another take, since it had road systems to connect buildings.

I think I'm forgetting a game, but I can't point my finger on it yet.


~Gast am 30.11.2022 13:39 #16090

Da kann ich nur empfehlen :
ein echter Sucht&Wuselfaktor!

Since I can only recommend :
a real addiction&scurry factor!

Feel free to post in English!

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