~Michalkap am 28.01.2023 10:05 #16115

I want to create new race. How can i do it?

Spike am 29.01.2023 00:40 #16119

Im Ruhestand
Well, create all graphics needed


Berciq am 04.02.2023 10:35 #16121

graphics for:

-ready buildings,
-but also for their building stages
-some 3 graphics for their leaders
-there could be also graphics for different people
-and their animations
-if not for all then for sure graphics for soldiers would be appreciated
(in original they all had different fighting style, attacks, dodges)

lots of work, however if you are pixel master then graphics aren't that big and take liitle time however there are lots of them

there were ideas for many races as I remember but just babylonians suceeded :)

Feel free to post in English!

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