~Gast am 02.07.2023 22:10 #16215

I like to start with few resources in the HQ, unfortunately the AI can't handle the situation and often get stuck
without enough resources to build a sawmill even on hard difficulty.

I tried to activate trade in the settings, but I can't find any button for it while in the in-game options, or at
least I don't know if and how I can send resources to others.

Any suggestion to overcome the problem? Many thanks!

Best regards.

Spike am 02.07.2023 22:30 #16216

Im Ruhestand
You can use lua scripting for that.

Here is an example:


~Gast am 03.12.2023 00:24 #16265

Eine kurze Frage zu dem Thema: ist es möglich, während dem Spiel der KI etwas "zu helfen"? Würde das über das sog. KI-Debugging laufen?

~Gast am 14.12.2023 20:22 #16270

Hi, any updates on this?

Spike am 14.12.2023 21:01 #16271

Im Ruhestand
Apart from the idea or my hint to use lua - no


Feel free to post in English!

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