HELLSPAWN am 15.12.2023 11:48 #16273

Hello! I'm new, I discovered this game through a Facebook forum, for my part I'm making a compilation of several old games like War2, C&C, JK, BF1942 and others. I hope I can have a battle, I don't know if they use discord or what time they play? I live in Argentina South America and have been playing games since 1990 and counting. Thank you for providing the possibility of playing it online. If you want, I can leave the link to the compilation of old games that I am making on another server. Thank you so much!

Spike am 15.12.2023 18:48 #16275

Im Ruhestand
Well, sure why not (as long as they are legal).

We also have a Discord server:


Feel free to post in English!

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