~Connacht am 24.04.2024 15:35 #16348

Hello, I have no modding knowledge about this game, so I can only propose some suggestions hoping that some modder might find them
interesting/useful, or that in the future I learn how to edit gamefiles.

1) Vineyard & Distillery

The inspiration for this came from the fact that the Romans drank wine, not beer.

Basically, the vineyard is a large building equivalent to the farm, except that it produces grapes rather than grain. Grapes can
be brought into a distillery, a medium size building which in turn produces wine.

Wine is equivalent to beer: you use it to train soldiers, and nothing else. Mostly a flavour addition.

I thought of three possibilities:
A) the distillery replaces the brewery and wine replaces beer (I don't know if this can be done for the Romans only or for
B) both the distillery and the brewery can be built at the same time, wine and beer are two separate but functionally identical
C) both the distillery and the brewery can be built at the same time, they produce the same resource, alcohol (using the graphics
of the beer barrel)

C would be easier to implement.

2) Fruit orchard

A small hut that only requires wood and plants fruit trees around it, possibly requiring a plow like a forester. Each fruit tree
matures in double the time required for grain field to mature. The result product is a new resource, fruits, which behave as any
other food in-game.

This building is basically an additional level 1 direct food producer that doesn't exhaust its source, unlike fisheries and (if no
trees are around) hunters. To avoid it being overpowered, it would require more time than the normal combo farm-mill/pig-
bakery/slaughterhouse to produce food. So, it needs to be inefficient compared to level 2 and 3 buildings, but it is cheaper, and
is ideal for maps with scarcity of granite and steep terrain unsuitable for large buildings.

3) Food is required to train soldiers and workers too

I often end up with tons of stockpiled food, particularly if mines are not inexhaustible, but even early on. Furthermore, I always
found "cheap" that food is required only for mining.

I propose an option that allows to require food for basically everything else.

A) soldiers require weapons, alcohol and food to train
B) workers require a tool and food to train
C) both A and B simultaneously

aztimh am 26.04.2024 03:38 #16350

I've actually been working on a wine addon for RTTR for almost 2 years now (I started with no knowledge of pixel art so slowly
learning how it works and the art style and stuff).

Making sort of like a Settlers 2 version of wine sacrifice from Settlers 3 and 4:

Vineyard -> Winery -> Temple

Vineyard needs logs and water to plant grape fields.

Grapes go to Winery for pressing to wine.

Temple needs Wine and Food to sacrifice and produce: Gold/Iron Ore/Coal/Stone.

Basically it's a renewable source of minerals: a wildcard mine.

I'm also working on another idea that adds more resources and different soldier types, but that one is quite large in scope I'll
probably release it in stages.

If you join the discord I posted about these recently including a snapshot of my progress on the new buildings/icons.

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