Demophobie am 05.12.2008 10:07 #2249

We are proud to present the english version of our homepage.
In future, we will have english news too.

If you want to be informed about important news by e-mail,
please subscribe to the newsletter and you are welcome to join the forum or visit as in the irc-chat, too.

Hopefully we can release Version 0.6 during christmas holiday.

Please contact us if there are any translation errors.

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~Black_Fox am 18.03.2009 18:04 #2743

Though I'm not a native English speaker, I can point out a few things in FAQ:

"the multiplayer modus, which by the way is not using an engine. It's 100% active work."
I really didn't understand this one. Do you mean the AI is not scripted (or pre-scripted, but that would sound like a medicine :D), but it reacts flexibly to player's current behavior?

The other thing is that instead of word "modus" there is usually "mode" used in English.

Don't mind my pedantic approach, I'm pleased to find some interest in the old Settlers II game after all these years and I'm only trying to help to improve it further. Please continue in development at least till the 1.0 final :)