Jambo am 15.12.2008 19:58 #2259

[V] - Would it be possible to make a Windows9x build with the new release or future releases ?
I currently use a Windows 98 mainly, and not having any luck getting the Windows32 version going :(

[V] - Wäre es möglich, eine Windows9x bauen mit dem neuen Release oder zukünftigen Versionen?
Ich derzeit mit einem Windows 98 vor, und nicht mit einer Glück bekommen die Windows32-Version gehen :(

FloSoft am 17.12.2008 13:14 #2261


Sorry, Windows 9x will not be supported. (and you better use a newer windows, or if your hardware's too old, use linux: its safe and stable)

Perhaps someone creates a backport to Windows 9x after we release the sourcecode.

(And please: create new threads for different questions!)


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Jambo am 17.12.2008 22:09 #2264

ok, thanks

Feel free to post in English!

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