Demophobie am 25.01.2009 13:33 #2420

We are proud to present Version 0.6 of Siedler 2.5 RttR:

The files can be found here. Alternatively use the direct links: (Version 0.6r4431 Win32 incl. Music, 20592 KBytes)
s25rttr_0.6_win32.exe (Version 0.6r4431 Win32-Setup incl. Music, 22262 KBytes)
s25rttr_0.6_x86.tar.bz2 (Version 0.6r4431 Linux x86, 5930 KBytes)
s25rttr_0.6_amd64.tar.bz2 (Version 0.6r4431 Linux amd64, 6009 KBytes)
s25rttr_music.tar.bz2 (Music-Files for Linux, 14175 KBytes)

The source will be made public soon.

Thanks to Zahl, who made a small commercial video for RttR: Siedler 2.5 RTTR Video

Here a small changelog:
   - Fog of War (with Teamview-option)
   - Watchout tower added
   - Minimap
   - Planer
   - Helper animations added
   - Translation: Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish
   - Translation (not completed): Finnish, French
   - HotKeys

Furthermore (thanks to all the testers) a lot of Bugs were fixed. We hope that this version is much more stable than the old versions. Some animations were added and we balanced the game in some areas.

If there are still crashes, please send the replay to bugs(at)

The main focus of the next version will be seafaring and the statistic windows.

If there are DLL-files missing under Windows, you should choose the self-extracting version. This version includes all files to play the game. (Of couse you need the original The Settlers II Gold-Edition installed. A "normal" The Settlers II installation is not enough - The Settlers II + Mission CD should work too)

For Newbies: You need .Net Framework 2.0 to play the game. Please use the autoupdate function in Windows.
If you get the message "Application configuration is incorrect" after starting RttR, please be sure you really installed every .Net Framework Update.

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~Gessle am 29.03.2009 21:16 #2906

First of all I have to say that this game has potential to become the best game ever made!

I don't speak German, so I don't really know how I could help you, but it would be nice. It is so cool that this game really runs under Linux, thanks for that :)

Obviously a lot of work is still needed, but this looks very promising already.

Settlers 2 + multiplayer + AI that knows how to play = nirvana, heaven, orgasm :p