Neil am 06.08.2009 18:37 #3806

Hello. I'd like to join this community and possibly help out, but I'm afraid that I don't speak German so it looks like what I can do is limited  :( I don't even know what topic this forum section is!

FloSoft am 06.08.2009 21:42 #3807

hi, its okay. come into the chat, and look onto launchpad ( there you'll find our sourcecode if you want to help


Neil am 07.08.2009 02:03 #3808

I can build the sourcecode now but don't know what else to do with it. And I don't understand any of it. I don't understand the point of using English variable and function names, which requires knowledge of English, but then using German comments so that an English person cannot understand it anyway! :shock:

Neil am 08.08.2009 03:29 #3815


ThreeTone am 25.08.2009 15:31 #3934

Good time of day from Russia!
Was pleasantly surprised with your project! It is nice that the fans are so iconic to the game! In Russia, many fans and admirers of the game! We lacked only games on the network. What you actually did, for what you all would like to thank the Russian-speaking players!
Now the bad ... Coming into the game menu, was upset the lack of Russian language in paragraph selection menyu.Na website I read that if there are willing to translate the game into their native language, then you can leave the International identity. So it is necessary to translate the game in the Cyrillic alphabet? I look forward to a response Zubanov Alex

jh am 01.09.2009 18:58 #3942

@ThreeTone: Please read
I think the special characters are still missing.

MasterandCommander am 29.09.2009 20:41 #4001

Is there a welcome topic anywhere for new users to post intros in?

I'm completely blind to German as well: apologies.

Sigh... if there was a translator that worked, I'd use it.

My first post... not much, but if there's no welcome topic, I'll make one to make up for it.

Spike am 30.09.2009 13:36 #4005

Im Ruhestand
Well yes i say hi to you too ;) and welcome.

Well i don't know if there is any topic like that but maybe use the "Offtopic" for that, i think that would be a good place;)

Or we are opening a great Threat like "Hi, I'am the new one" or something like that ;)


Malla am 01.10.2009 11:08 #4009

I suggested to create some english forums some months ago, I don't know if they don't want to have english forums or if they just didn't have the time to do it. :(

MasterandCommander am 01.10.2009 13:03 #4010

If they don't have time, I don't know how rude this is, but I could do it for them... :?

Spike am 01.10.2009 13:20 #4012

Im Ruhestand
I think what maybe is their problem is, that if you have a german and an english section, there will diffrent ideas oder points in discussions and to compare them, and get main ideas would be hard and take a lot of time


MasterandCommander am 03.10.2009 12:35 #4018

Can't there be a setting created, that's an option to switch the forum from German into English, and vise versa, like the other pages outside of the forum?

Feel free to post in English!

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