Neil am 19.08.2009 19:09 #3915

As well as being able to turn off gold coins to a building, you should also be able to set a building as a priority for gold coins. Sometimes I urgently want my soldiers in a particular building to be trained up, but it's a lot of effort to go around disabling lots of other buildings, particularly when it's only a temporary measure.

griflet am 19.08.2009 21:09 #3917

and, as in the anniversary-version of "the settlers", the delivering of coins should be disabled by default. - it's, with the evacuate button, one of the best improvements.


Editiert von griflet am 19.08.2009 21:11

Neil am 19.08.2009 23:55 #3919

I also like how, the external defenders of the building need to be defeated too. I put the Defenders bar low because I think it makes the building more vulnerable to capture.

Zlorfik am 21.08.2009 23:20 #3928

That's true. I also hated my soldiers getting off their houses and run blindly into the enemy while the weakest soldier remained alone in his house, waiting for the blowing kill :D

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